Thursday, December 11, 2014

Inside and Outside

There is no inside or outside of experience. There is only an inside and an outside for an apparently inside self. There is only an separate, distant outside world for an apparently inside self. Don’t let old habits of thinking fool you; refer directly to the intimacy of your experience. Stay with that, allow the intimacy of your experience to gradually condition the way you think and feel, and in time allow it to re-condition the way you act and relate.
Don’t relate to others separate from yourself, know everyone as yourself, relate only to that one. Don’t relate with an outside world made of dead matter, relate with a world made only of the totally alive substance called 'knowing' or 'experiencing'.
Treat the world as it truly is, treat others as they truly are. The world will respond in the form of beauty, others will respond in the form of love. That is the response we get from the universe when we treat it as it is.
~ Rupert Spira
Image below: Anastasia Ri via DeviantArt

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