Thursday, January 27, 2022

The brain...Nathan Gill


From Nathan Gill‘s tribute page-
N. What ever appears presently as reality is reality. I'm not suggesting any version of reality is more or less important than any other. What i am suggesting is that whatever presently appears as reality can be seen in an entirely different way when not based in a thought filtered view.
Q. But there is a brain. It's the brain that keeps on thinking these thoughts and analysing all the time, moving us from place to place, running our lives and producing all these stories.
N. But does it? Is there really a brain that's thinking thoughts?. Based on present evidence alone, thoughts are just appearing here in awareness. That there is a brain thinking thoughts is itself just another thought that arises as a story in awareness.
If you've never heard all of these stories about brains being responsible for thoughts, then thoughts would simply be appearing mysteriously in awareness, with no brains to be seen anywhere. In fact, that's actually the case right now, that's what I'm pointing out. Going on present evidence, the brain as an instrument for producing thoughts inside theses heads is just an assumption.
(Nathan Gill.) Being. The bottom line

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