Wednesday, March 24, 2021

The Prism...(Nancy Neithercut)...


"You were the looking for certitude, the fear of unknowing, the fear of disappearing in this love dance with which you long to merge. You cannot merge with it as you are it. You have never been separate from what’s going on, this beautiful flow of life, this fleeting wind ballet that seems to embrace you and push and pull you along.
You are the pushing and pulling, the trying to hold it to capture it to make permanent this magic that you sense lies behind your shadow. But there is nothing painting your shadow, no one fills your shoes and sweeps you across the dance floor. There is no floor to stand on to dance on to lie upon when you die.
You are the prism between the imaginary known and the unknowable pouring color and light into the dream. Flooding the pages of your story with love and beauty that disappear the moment these words paint you. Just like this, as it has always been yet never was nor ever will be, you are this ever emerging ever wilting blooming flower of life feeling it’s own tender vibrant aliveness through the symphony of perception and its inseparable recognition.
Painted with watercolor tears in the river of song, written with sky in sky, with your very breath and heartbeat life sings you as you sing these very words within which you emerge."
— Nancy Neithercut

as steam rises and curls unfurling in the morning sun streaming through my window the space within the swirling is not separate from the space outside space only seems to be woven within the dancing, enclosed and then released so is this life without edges or borders woven into intricate patterns with itself yet never becoming tangible like a dreaming streaming timeless flowing a dance within a dance and we are the flowing our lives bleed into the lines the edges that never have been and we were never separate we are the dancing itself we are the universe flowing into itself words streaming through and around themselves appearing to create a reality that can never be known an edgeless emptiness this jeweled garment is woven from space itself and is marvelously transparent the threads the beliefs of who you believe yourself to be unravel and you are skinless utterly naked unadorned yet the jewel that is you remains as life knowing itself and the sweetness of emptiness like hearing a birdsong echoing in the canyon it comes from everywhere and no where marvelously unfindable the song describes the vastness the edgeless beauty like shadows swirling around shadows words softly kiss what cannot be kissed like a warm breeze caressing your cheek like the flight of a butterfly describes the space in which it flies a touch so soft only the memory is felt clouds reflecting the sun after it has set remembering a taste of a song you never heard this unending awe is a most precious jewel this gem of unknowing tugs at my heart like finding my long lost lover everywhere i turn and doing nothing everything is undone and going nowhere everywhere is home
~~Nancy Neithercut

I see you’ve bought a new instruction book on enlightenment. Can’t wait to get it home and start reading. Maybe underline a few parts. Maybe write out your favorite bits.... Doing that makes you feel safe doesn’t it? Like you’re going somewhere, getting something... All the instructions you read there will only perpetuate the painful illusion of separation. They say do this do that don’t do this don’t do that. It’s even logical how this would empower the illusion of a doer isn’t it? But you want to feel empowered. No one would want enlightenment, really. No one would choose to have all they feel is true about them selves and their world and all ideas about truth and meaning and enlightenment shattered, including that there is someone to have a world. And as you are those ideas, that illusion how you gonna erase it?
~~Nancy Neither

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