Thursday, March 25, 2021

Awakening...(Nathan Gil)



Could it be this simple..?

Allowing life as it is

Not to worry about the "I" as unawakened

Allow that unawakened I to do as it pleases

Perhaps walking down a path seeking to

Find what seems to be missing..

All of these appearances..appearing in 

What is marvelously happening...

The allowing of life as it is – rather than any efforts to be rid of thought or ‘I’, or to become ‘enlightened’ – allows seeking to fall naturally away. Within the play, all efforts to be rid of ‘I’ merely reinforce identification with it.
You are Consciousness. Whatever Your present appearance, it is already perfect, including any play of identification as ‘I’, and also any seeking to be rid of ‘I’. Life as the character is simply the play of appearances in awareness and has no requirement for awakening. There is only already awaken-ness.
Nathan Gill~

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