Saturday, December 19, 2020

The virus..


The virus..

Dead and seeking

For a life-force

For a host..

Death seeking Life..

As do we

Suffering as separate

Seeking  our Freedom

Dying to falsities


Coronavirus is a virus.  Viruses are unusual in that they can be crystalized, just like table salt can be crystalized. So they behave like a chemical, albeit an extremely complicated chemical. You might be surprised to learn that viruses can't propagate!  A virus particle enters a cell, opens up to release genetic material, in the case of Coronavirus that's m-RNA, and that genetic material is then used by the cell's ribosome to manufacture new virus particles.  When there are enough of these, the cell membrane bursts, and the virus goes on to infect other cells.

~~Jimmy Stewart (friend in Philosophical Cafe)

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