Monday, June 15, 2020

looking for what you already are.. (with Jean Klein)

You should take it from me, as secondhand information, that what
you are looking for--you already are.  When you take that stance
as your starting point, you will become aware of all the effort
expended in end-gaming, achieving, becoming.  Accepting this
secondhand information brings you to look at the energy that
accompanies the becoming process.  When you see it, you are no
longer an accomplice to this becoming, this waste of energy. You
let go, at a certain moment, of all anticipation, all end-gaming.  It is
not a voluntary giving-up; it gives up itself.  And in this moment
you are free from all activities.  This moment refers to itself.  In other
words, poetically speaking, you are taken.  But you must first take
it for your own that what you are looking for--you already are.

~~Jean Klein, Transmission of the Flame

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