Thursday, January 23, 2020



This scriptured event
Is our common experience..
We stand alone
On the mountaintop 
Knowing our Self..
With due respect to our
Teachers standing on our
Left and on our Right..
Standing alone births
The Freedom introduced
By teachers remembered 
But only really known
As we stand alone...

Below is an earlier version
(February 4th, 2018):


this biblical happening
may seem extraordinary..
a spectacular story
which we hear once again..

yet we only experience
here and now..
time and happenings
are thoughts and images
within here and now..

this gospel writer
attempted to acquaint us
with here and now
using words of immediacy..but
language limits his and our
expression of truth..

so we consult our experience:
we are on that meeting with our
life teachers on either side
here and now..
our own wholeness shines
our white clothing dazzles..
we most ordinary
the true self of you and you
and you and I..

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