Sunday, January 19, 2020

Mixed Message

Mixed Message

The experience
I Am
Points to purity..
Yet also points to
That which seems to 
Cloud and stain
The purity I Am..

This is our
Point of departure
To Recognize that
Silent Understanding
Is never clouded
Or stained...

-John McIntosh

What occurs for a while is a blend of conditioning and Purity. For instance, anger, resentment and judgment may still be very present while compassion, gentleness and kindness has blossomed expressing Pure ‘aspects’ of the SELF. This strange ‘seeming’ contradiction can make you feel like the Truth that is beginning to show up is not authentic. This is however a normal experience as the false self is dissolving back into the SELF and the Real YOU is coming into view from behind the clouds of conditioning that have imprisoned the Real YOU for eons.

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