Thursday, January 30, 2020

Minimalism... (with Arvo Part)

Spiegel im Spiegel for Cello and Piano (Arvo Part)

"You cannot direct the wind -- but you can adjust your sail." ~ Arvo Pärt

"Simplicity is the final achievement."-Fryderyk Chopin.

After twenty five years of acquaintance with the mature fruits of this stylistic reduction we take Pärt’s music almost for granted; but we should not forget the vale of tears through which he had to walk before he resolved to apply the principles of tintinnabulation. This is how Pärt words his new creed: I have discovered that it is enough to beautifully play this one and only tone. It is not a mere declaration but a strong expression of radicalism and determination. Interpreters of his music find this radical simplicity everything but facilitating. Here, to play “beautifully” means to play perfectly — disarmingly simple notation becomes a source of irritation rather than help (remember the image of the desert). Hence the natural reaction of musicians who, on seeing a score like this, often expect they will be able to play the composition straight from the notes. The usual result of such an approach is a painful awakening (my own attempts to use the piece Für Alina for beginners’ piano classes were a complete failure…). (Excerpt from below...) Arvo Part...Radiating from silence (tintinnabulation)

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