Friday, September 27, 2019

Who knows..?

Who knows..?

An urgent question
Very seldom asked..
An assumption hides
That my concise self
Knows and stores what
There is to know..
Thus life proceeds thru
Roil and calm
Until we Recognize 
Who Knows...

John McIntosh
Who is it that learns … acquires knowledge, facts, data, information? Most would say: “I do”, or “My mind/brain takes it in and stores it.” This information is ‘historical’, even if its only a few moments old. It is based on what has come from ‘other’ minds, whether it has just been spoken or passed through the archives of books, or recordings. Even if some of it originated from ‘intuitive’ flashes, the moment it is written down or saved to some other device, it is diminished by words and images no matter how grand or beautiful it may seem. This is due to the layered filter of each one’s unique conditioning, which dilutes and colors what is offered and what is learned from what is shared.
The concept of unconditional Love is often spoken of but not only is ‘all’ Love conditioned while you slumber in the dream of a separated identity [all Love] but everything is ‘conditioned’ [including all so-called learning] … unless you are Free [You Know Who You Really Are], which means All conditioning has dissolved along with the one you have called ‘me’. When this has occurred, you are ‘empty’ and if you ‘do’ require knowledge for any purpose, it is instantly available … pure, untainted and unconditioned.
“Until you ‘know’ Who You Are, your knowledge is ‘learned ignorance’.” – Ramana

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