Thursday, September 5, 2019

5 Questions

5 Questions 

   Definition of God

Is the first...
We consider the
Limitations of language
Which seem to leave
This question unanswerable..
A defined God is not God...

  Purpose of Christianity

Is the second...
The purpose of this
Tradition is the same
For all traditions..
Simply to awaken to
The Perennial Source
Of which Christianity
Is one expression...

Like a Salad Bowl

Is the third...
A blending implied
Of the disparate 
Vegetables in the bowl..
Instead let us
Recognize the vegetables
As temporary colorations
of the Bowl...

 Control and Guilt

Is the fourth...
This is the charge of
Many observers of
Exterior appearances
Of Christianity..
Appearances are of
Separation born from 
Hardening cultural belief
Over the centuries...

Stemming Decline

Is the fifth...
Perhaps we need
To assess the decline
For the benefits 
That seem possible..
The major question:
Does the decline
Provide a cleansing
Of the blinders
Hiding the Truth...?

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