Wednesday, May 29, 2019



Paradigms shift 
and replace
 thought-built edifices
which no longer house
our searching..

We search

 for understanding 
for happiness..
 for a paradigm:
 new thoughts
to fulfill..

History observes

past visions of earth..
old paradigms: 
thoughts serving 
and departing..


in our time 
invites a Paradigm
which boldly burns 
paradigm's thoughts.. 

and illusions
many centuries old
burn as we recognize
what we Already are
Always have been...!

An outworn 
materialist paradigm 
pervades our world culture.
This paradigm has brought 
prosperity for some, amazing
technical advances, and
abundant suffering. And,
significantly, it presently poses 
a threat to life itself. Based
on an assumption of a reality
of separation, this way of
thinking is found in all aspects
of life, including science, politics, 
religion, and notably, 
in lives of people. Urgently, 
we await recognition of an 
old/new Consciousness-Only 
paradigm..for the  survival of
the individual, as well as the
world community..!

RS:  Questioning the Matter Model

Alan Neachell videos...

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