Monday, May 20, 2019

Freedom. (...Rupert Spira)


is understanding that
we take the shape of
all that we perceive..
our perceiving is
nothing more than
living as Awareness
and knowing that
all perceiving is
made of That...

Ego is a mode of functioning. It is an activity, not an entity. It is ignorant only in the sense that it occurs when Consciousness ignores itself.
We can still function very well in the apparent world of time and space without the sense of being a separate entity.
In fact, free of the limiting notions of being a separate entity, and the desires and fears that are required to maintain this position, life becomes free, alive and vibrant.
Experience is relieved of the demand to produce Happiness for a nonexistent entity, and flowers as a result.
Relationships are relieved of the demand to produce love, and love shines in them naturally as a result. And when there is no engagement with the body, mind or world, the default position of Consciousness is not to shrink back into the isolated cell of a self-contracted entity, not to collapse back into a person.
It is to remain as it is, transparent, luminous Presence, open, empty, silent and available, ready to take its shape as the totality of experience at every moment.
~Rupert Spira 💖

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