Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Memories of PILLAR

Memories of PILLAR

Pillar through 20 years
has been about journeys..
To so many places 
where big things happened..
With impressive impersonations 
of  special persons
who lived in those times
and in those spaces.. 

Imaginative journeys 
in classrooms gave way to 
journeys of rubber-on-road.. 
In Angela's less
to Trinidad 
and to so many other 
exotic destinations..! 

another journey has 
roots in Pillar's beginnings..
Bonnie named the new journey:
"Stretch..With Mind-Boggling Cinema"..
This mindful voyage flipped
your ship of discovery
outside to In..!

I sailed  with Bonnie 
during many early we tried
to gain shipmates attracted 
to  Port Rio Grande..
 To find Themselves resting
in Ocean and Waves..

(one aside here:
Dave Rich referred to 
our hardy sailors as
Charlie's Groupies! 
Most incredible!
Dave's sea legs weak!
What more can I say?)  

And sad day
Bonnie completed
her final Pillar journey..
and handed to me the 
keys and the paddles..hoping
that Stretch might sail on ..

Stretch still is Afloat 
under a new banner which
let's say Today..commemorates 
those early days." JOURNEYS" it is..
so please..sign up today..and continue
with us on Ocean and waves..
Join us..and discover 
 this old Pillar Journey ..

~~Charlie Coon

 May 1st, 2019 1 pm to 3 pm
Help us celebrate 20 years of learning, 
volunteering, and socializing in the Pikes Peak region!
RSVP by April 24
1:00 Gathering
1:15 Welcome
1:30 PILLAR’s Early Years by Bonnie Riley,
PILLAR’s founder
2:00 Memories of PILLAR: Stories
2:30 A Toast to PILLAR
PILLAR Institute for Lifelong Learning
Located on the north side of Chapel Hills Mall 
Enter between Dillard’s and Burlington 


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