Thursday, April 18, 2019

A mask

A mask

simply this:
objects are objects
on their own
which we encounter
and give a name..

this separation gains
concurrence of others..
and the world
we agree
is our common..

such a world
masking Reality
holds happiness
hostage as we live
inside our desperate 

Q. What's the difference between a rapist, a therapist, a terrorist and an evangelist?
A. To the separate self, there are huge differences but the Truth is there are none.
Each is apparently acting out of a cluster of thoughts and feelings that the finite mind believes to be True.
Each is apparently identifying with an illusory self-image. a mask to hide behind so as not to appear as their True Nature.
Awareness has no self-image, no mask, no identity to be limited by or hide behind.
Awareness is Peace, Love, and Happiness.
To identify with a mask no matter how benign or acceptable is to forget Our True Indivisible Nature and suffer the pain of separation as a result.
Awareness Lacks for nothing and is the Source of everything.
The finite mind can reinvent itself till the cows come home It can identify itself as a one type, a five type or a ten type, level of awakening. but it is only when it gives up the ghost and realizes that all of these identities are a load of baloney that it can finally dissolve to discover and Be the Self
~~Pat Nolan

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