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West Wing 3

West Wing 3

RS:  The Direct Path

RS:  The Great Misconception

RS:  The Laying Bare of Our Essential Self

RS:  Take Refuge in the Now

Pure Seamless Intimate Experiencing

It is thoughts alone that divide the seamless intimacy of experiencing
into two apparent things; an inside self and an outside world.
Experience itself knows and says no such thing.
Experience itself knows only this pure seamless intimacy.
And all apparent objects, selves, others or world are simply modulations
of this pure, seamless, intimate experiencing.
Try to find something in your experience
that is made out of something other than experiencing:
seeing, hearing, tasting, smelling, sensation.
Try to find something that takes place at a distance,
made out of something other than experiencing.

Reach out in your actual experience and see, in your experience,
do you find a self, an object, an entity, a world?
Or do you just find yourself: pure intimate experiencing?
No distance, no separation, no inside self, no outside other, no object, no world.
Scan your body.
Do you find a body there?
Do you find something solid and dense?
Or do you just find pure, intimate experiencing?
Do you find a world at a distance from this body?
Or do you just find pure, intimate experiencing?
And who is it that knows experiencing?
Is experiencing known by a separate self?
Is there a separate self or object in experiencing?
Or does experiencing just find itself, alone?
No body, no thought, no mind, no world;
Just pure intimacy ever-present
always knowing itself, being itself and loving itself
eternally Now.

~ Rupert Spira
“Pure Seamless Intimate Experiencing”…

I am peaceful like the sky
I am open like the sea
I am empty like space
I am luminous like the sun
I shine by myself
I am the substance and reality of all seeming objects and selves
I am the light of pure knowing
Turn towards me and I will take you into myself
I play
I enjoy
I am
(from “I am” by Rupert Spira)

"The reason we all seem to share the same world is not that there is one world 'out there' known by innumerable separate minds, but rather that each of our minds is precipitated within, informed by and a modulation of the SAME infinite Consciousness. There is indeed one world that each of us shares, but that world is not made of matter; it is a vibration of mind, and all there is to mind is infinite, indivisible consciousness.
It is precisely because the word appears in and is made of infinite, indivisible Consciousness that it appears from the perspective of each finite mind to be the same world. It IS the same world, because all finite minds are refractions of the same consciousness."
~ Rupert Spira
The Nature of Consciousness, p. 148

From The Sonnets to Orpheus   Rilke
Plump apple, smooth banana, melon, peach,
gooseberry… How all this affluence
speaks death and life into the mouth… I sense…
Observe it from a child’s transparent features
while he tastes. This comes from far away.
What miracle is happening in your mouth?
Instead of words, discoveries flow out
from the ripe flesh, astonished to be free.
Dare to say what “apple” truly is.
This sweetness that feels thick, dark, dense at first;
then, exquisitely lifted in your taste,
grows clarified, awake and luminous,
double-meaninged, sunny, earthy, real—:
Oh knowledge, pleasure—inexhaustible.

Science of Consciousness

All that is ever known in experience is the knowing of it. Try now to find anything other than the knowing of your experience. Let your attention go wherever it wants. Ask yourself, ‘Do I ever know or come in contact with anything other than the knowing of experience? Could I ever come in contact with anything other than the knowing of experience?
It doesn’t sit comfortably in our culture to say, ‘I am God’. You used to get crucified for it! But to say ‘I am infinite Consciousness’ is just a confession of our most intimate and fundamental experience. It is to say ‘I am a finite self’ that is the true blasphemy. To say that there is a finite mind that knows a finite world made of matter, that is true blasphemy.
If we want to know the nature of the world, we have to know the nature of that with which the world is known. The ultimate science is not the science of physics; it is the science of Consciousness.

---Rupert Spira

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