Friday, November 2, 2018

Mark Twain dreams

Mark Twain dreams

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        Mark Twain's experience in dreamland is quite interesting, and I can relate a bit, because in my dreams everything seems real and normal, but upon awakening and remembering the dream I always think:  That dream contained an activity that made no sense what so ever in real life.  (I know, some will say every dream has some kind of metaphorical meaning or message)
        I'm certainly hoping the Afterlife is not like the dreamland I experience, 'though we are told there are similarities like..... we can create something at will.
        The line from Shakespeare is meaningful:  "To die, to sleep - to sleep - perhaps to dream:  ay, there's the rub...... for in that sleep of death what dreams may come when we have shuffled off this mortal coil, must give us pause"
        Of course, we all relate to dreams; they happen every night.  Do they really have a purpose?  "Of course" so many will say.  I once owned a BMW motorcycle.  Two times I dreamed I wrecked it and died from the crash.  I sold it shortly after the second dream.

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“For everything in a dream is more deep and strong and sharp and real than is ever its pale imitation in the unreal life that is ours when we go about awake and clothed with our artificial selves in this vague and dull-tinted artificial world.”  ~Mark Twain

“When we die we shall slough off this cheap intellect and go abroad into dreamland clothed in our real selves . . ..” ~Mark Twain

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