Sunday, January 15, 2017

Stem Cells

Stem Cells

These cells mimic our birth
birth from source before death of forgetting
forges the separation which we seem to know
as our self and the world out there..
Our lives are consumed in a search 
for the happiness of our source remembered..
These undifferentiated cells from birth remains
jog memories of our source and 
a search now ending...

What are Stem Cells?

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells that can transform into specialized cells such as heart, neurons, liver, lung, skin and so on, and can also divide to produce more stem cells.

In a child or young adult, these stem cells are in large supply, acting as a built-in repair system.
They are often summoned to the site of damage or inflammation to repair and restore normal function.
But as we age, our supply of stem cells begins to diminish as much as 100- to 10,000-fold in different tissues and organs.
In addition, stem cells undergo genetic mutations, which reduce their quality and effectiveness at renovating and repairing your body.
A useful analogy is to imagine your stem cells as a team of repairmen in your newly constructed mansion.
When the mansion is new and the repairmen are young, they can fix everything perfectly. But as the repairman age and reduce in number, your mansion eventually goes into disrepair and eventually crumbles.
But what if you could restore and rejuvenate your stem cell population?

In Conclusion

As humans, we've just come to accept the notion that we are going to die.
However, the keys to our longevity and health may lie in our source code.
In the next two decades, stem cells are going to change medicine forever, extend life, and potentially save your life.
We truly live during the most exciting time ever in human history.

These are excerpts from Peter Diamandis blog...

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