Friday, March 18, 2016

Dear Randy

Dear Randy (not real name):

I want to mention something about our short exchange on "reality" last
Tuesday.  I think we may have been passing each other without adequate
understanding.  As I remember, you were speaking of an objective reality (we met here
in this room at 10 AM...).  I don't think you meant to assign absolute
reality to that statement.  I know that common sense attests to the truth of your
what you say, and that there are those who disagree in an irrational way.  However, 
there is a subjective element in every perspective, and it has been quite properly
said that objective reality, existing independently, is an illusion.  Albert Einstein and
many others have weighed in on this.  Spiritual traditions express this in different 
ways.  Perhaps we are on the same page...

With a spirit of exploration,


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