Monday, March 7, 2016


A mandala is a symbol used by many cultures and spiritual traditions. The word mandala is Sanskrit and is usually translated as “circle” or “enclosing the essence.” The boundary and center may be well defined or merely suggested. Mandalas are found throughout the natural world in forms such as snowflakes, jellyfish and galaxies.
This is part two in the Mandalart Series and is titled “Bloom”. The title is meant to describe this moment as a fresh, never before seen, unfolding occurrence. Just as any bloom of any flower, this moment is the result of infinite influences, as are we, our communities, and our world. Today, these influences and interconnections are becoming obvious in unprecedented ways. I feel strongly that understanding and integrating this way of seeing can be a potent remedy for the many challenges facing humanity. It is a form of spiritual activism. Each of the paintings and its title represents a pointing to this understanding.
Creating the mandalas was a way for me to directly experience that each moment of life conditions and influences the next, that each moment arises, dependent upon the conditions that exist. Each mandala was a progression, a “bloom” of responses of color and line; each response setting the stage for the next. This is the way that I see life unfolding.
Another direct experience through painting the mandalas was the realization that there were really no mistakes. Each stroke of paint or line that was drawn was just a part of the new set of conditions. Whatever occurred on the paper was not right or wrong, it was just an opportunity for a new response.
Each of the mandalas has a line that leaves the page. This is to represent inseparability. It is a reminder that the mandala and the viewing of it cannot be separated from all the rest of existence. A reminder that existence is a dance of diversity without separation.
These paintings are an invitation to consider the all inclusive, undivided and seamless whole of which we are a part. Ultimately, if we look closely (quantum close), we see that there are no dividing lines anywhere. From our galaxy down to a single cell, nothing can be apart from the whole of life; all separation is mind made. Because of this, we each have an incredible opportunity to influence what “blooms” next.
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Matting and framing by Susan Morello at Artist Frame of Mind

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