Friday, August 14, 2015

Collective Self Inquiry

Broadmoor Cafe..August 18, 2015

Discussion prompts:

1.  What is the significance of the Space perspective?

2.  Is this a Materialist viewpoint?

3.  What is Innovation?

4.  Electricity as life blood?

5.  Population growth as threat or promise?

6. The value and possibilities of Information?

7.  Finiteness of food, water, energy?

8.  The significance of a Unitive viewpoint?

9.  What of Cooperation?

10.  Energy and the Sun..a return now?

11.  Relationship of trade and CO2 emission?

12.  Who might be in opposition to this perspective?

13.  Metaphorical meaning in the video?

14.  Each of us as "Observer" ?

15.  Who are we?

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