Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Certain Awareness

Certain Awareness

Still searching in our time
 a question of finding that which
is certain..
A theory of everything seems
now and then
quite beyond grasping
not least of those scientists
spending their days
engaging their search..
But it truly seems
that we and our scientists
are still immersed 
as a separation continues
 its desperate hold..
Where is the hope..?
In those few becoming many
who of a sudden in time
glimpse their Awareness
and know at last
we must search
in unexpected places...!

Wave-particle duality, the uncertainty principle, the collapse of the wave function, and entanglement all point to awareness being an intrinsic aspect of reality. Yet we are still trying to understand them in terms of a worldview that believes the real world to be that of space, time, and matter, and relegates consciousness to some artifact of brain processes.

Yet the one thing of which we are certain is that we are aware. And it is the one thing the current worldview cannot account for. is profound anomaly will ultimately lead to the full paradigm shift to which contemporary physics is, unwittingly, pointing.
~~~Peter Russell

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