Friday, April 11, 2014

Pesach (Passover)

Pesach (Passover)

It is all woven and interwoven
the Sea splitting on the Seventh 
is looped into first day..
And this of the Plagues..all ten..
are but  hits  extracting light bits
from our Tree of Life shadows..
Adam and Serpent on a new stage:
Moses and Pharaoh.. Egypt showdown..
Twenty-six generations since Noah
 time to rise up.. Bring some light down..!

A new story now unfolds..not the one
as Sunday-school told..the Bible reports
such a rush to depart and we ask: What is
the rush..? Pharaoh had lifted his decree
and the people were free..Yet the Sea was
ripped..not split..with hidden urgen-cy..
In-sight arrives..counter-intuitive..yet
a Gift to us now.. in these modern times..

The Plagues dislodged those bits
but Illumination with vigor began
 erasure.. of human shadow and pain..
Thru our dual-frames..
we exhort:  Let that light shine..!
But then, surprising costs were 
made choices would vanish
 and our homes..neighborhood localities..
 disappear..our dimension thereby
quickly consumed by the Light..

So exit they must and depart very soon..
 Light need be dimmed and lives resume..
Thus..a departure elevated.. and 
a distant Mount found new Eyes...!

With appreciation to the City of Luz...!

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