Friday, January 31, 2014

Class...Beyond Kabbalah

The following is an announcement by Rabbi Joel David Bakst about a new class scheduled from his classroom, City of Luz......Recommended, if...see my Amazon review of his new book, Beyond Kabbalah...

 Current Class Schedule for Wednesday Night:
Beginning Feb 5, Wed 9 to 11 PM EST
Set Sail on a Cutting Edge Journey
Beyond Kabbalah
The Teachings That Cannot Be Taught
City of Luz is proud to present Beyond Kabbalah. This weekly on-line class presents all-level students of traditional Jewish Kabbalah with comprehensive, hands-on applications of the maps, models and methods found within the workbook Beyond Kabbalah - The Teachings That Cannot Be Taught. Through the study of the concepts and thought experiments explored in the book Beyond Kabbalah, the serious seeker can learn to experience life through the eyes of Torah based Kabbalah and experience a world filled with higher consciousness, deep spiritual experience and answers to conventionally unanswerable questions. Explore the secret of “What did Moses know that God did not know?” and learn how to “See your world in your lifetime.” Other topics covered in the weekly coursework include: Where does our present reality come from, and where is it going?, Space, Time & Beyond, Torah Cosmology, Mosaic Consciousness, and much more!
This class provides a life-changing introduction and overview into the ancient, yet futuristic wisdom of Jewish esoteric thinking, the ultimate key to personal and global transformation.
Class discussions correspond to weekly readings. Students must have the workbook Beyond Kabbalah-The Teachings That Cannot Be Taught.To view and purchase the workbook click here:

A portion of each Wednesday session will be devoted to the weekly Torah reading or to the current festival being observed.

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