Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crying out

Crying out

There are many
forms of prayer
of meditation
wishing to reach
 and stimulate
the Divine..
The warnings:
of a Plan
of false humility
of slippery ego's
hidden goals..
Yet it seems
when our filtering 
is complete
only this remains:
intention Centering
in the pain
yours and theirs..
And then simply
Crying out…!

With a question:
Who is Crying…?

(Isaiah 58: 1-12)

1 comment:

  1. Spook, I was updating my files and finally discovered your missing blog address . I find your thoughts DEEP,DEEP my friend. Atoms can't help but remind me of the time you explained throw off velocity and impact point to Frisby by invoking the use of the formula for measuring the circumstance of a watermelon......atoms spinning.

    Given recent events I can somewhat relate to your thoughts.....Wherever You Go.

    I admire the voice you have found. God Bless .....Hawk