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Beyond Kabbalah…and my Amazon review…

Beyond Kabbalah - The Teaching That Cannot Be Taught
Preparing for the Messianic Era and Beyond
An introduction, orientation & illustrated training manual to
higher consciousness using the universal, ancient Kabbalah language of the future.
Beyond Kabbalah - The Teaching That Cannot Be Taught, the latest book by Rabbi Joel David Bakst, is a methodological workbook for both the beginner and advanced student of Torah based Kabbalah.  Designed for a universal audience interested in esoteric Judaism, this manual provides the serious seeker with instructions on how to retrain your mind to think and experience higher consciousness like a Kabbalist. Topics include discussion on the messianic role of the earthly "Seven Wisdoms" and how to utilize the "New Sciences" such as fractal geometry, dimensionality and holography to enter the inner world of advanced Kabbalah.  Also included is a comprehensive exploration of the Dance of the Hasadim and Gevurot; the masculine and feminine energies that make up the core nucleus of Torah based Kabbalah.   
Beyond Kabbalah challenges all-level students of Jewish mysticism to set sail on a cutting edge voyage into the ancient, yet futuristic wisdom of the Kabbalah and a world filled with higher dimensional vision, deep spiritual experience and thought experiments that will forever change your life.

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 My review of Beyond Kabbalah for Amazon

I will start my review at the end, in the Glossary, where Rabbi Bakst
writes that Kabbalah is not Jewish mysticism.  He says that Kabbalah relates to the
Torah (Bible) as the soul to the body.  This relationship is the key, I believe, to the
title of this "workbook," Beyond Kabbalah.. This end is looped into the beginning! 

The soul/body polarity is the model which is used to lead a dedicated student beyond
religion and secular studies into a highly fulfilling program of self-growth.  The polarity
model (named Hasadim/Gevurot in the text) comes in seven guises, Seven Natural
Sciences, which provide new and powerful lenses through which the scriptures reveal
their deeper meanings. As far as I know, Rabbi Bakst's portrayal of the special interface 
between modern sciences and scripture (Science and Kabbalah) is unique, even in a 
growing field of those  studying the relationship between science and spirituality. 
This interface, which he traces back to the revelation at Mt. Sinai, provides the seeker 
with vessels and internal energies for a deeper understanding of the meaning of 
"consciousness," and for grasping of his or her own personal identity.

However, the growth resulting from a study of Beyond Kabbalah is not without price.
It requires effort preceded by what Rabbi Bakst calls "a preexisting desire simmering deep
within your being." Otherwise he states, "This book is not for you."  I am hopeful that
his warning will only add stimulation to that learner who will be very substantially 
rewarded for engaging Beyond Kabbalah.

I am not Jewish.  Yet, I appreciate that the application of Beyond Kabbalah extends to
a wide variety of persons who are "willing to be challenged, stimulated, and pushed up
to your very edge and then beyond."  I have been especially delighted by the Universal
(Body of Adam) nature of these methodologies and teachings, and have found that patience
will indeed bring reward.  I am a member of a Christian congregation, and have found
many opportunities for using my Beyond Kabbalah experience  for clarification and new
insights, benefiting, I believe, a number of people. I have learned that these community
activities can be simply "fractal iterations"of root teachings which retain the Oneness and
Source (Formula) recognition of Kabbalah and the Bible. 

Beyond Kabbalah is a lengthy book, some 418 pages.  At first glance it may seem over-
whelming. However, Rabbi Bakst's organization of the book is based on entry points
through Four Doors:  Mission, Maps, Methods, and Models. An entering student will
probably find one of these doors as his or her preferred entrance, however 
all four doors will be needed for entry into the gestalt, the Mind of Moses. Importantly, 
the internet allows a student to consider live or recorded classes, which are available at, to gain the advantage of Rabbi Bakst's personal teaching.

I have been a beneficiary of Rabbi's Bakst's teachings, and have observed his preparation
of this important workbook, or training manual.  I can easily apply the 5-star rating, and 
looping back to the beginning, reminding of the cautions and extraordinariness of this
this Messianic volume

Postscript Questions:  Do you "no longer find fulfillment in the external things that your eyes
beheld in the days of your youth…" and have a wish to "see your world in your lifetime?"
Are you curious..?   You may be the one..!

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