Monday, September 16, 2013

Who are we..?

Who are we..?

The Question… 
How can we possibly know what to choose—what policies to create, what laws to pass, or how to build sustainable economies and bridge the issues that are tearing at the fabric of our relationships and society—until we’ve answered the single question that lies at the very core of our existence. The question is simply this: 
Who are we? 
As individuals, as families, as nations, and as a combined human civilization, our answer to this deceptively simple question creates the lens through which we see ourselves, our world, and make the choices of our lives, our future, and our survival. When we embrace the discoveries of modern science—the truths of our past on Earth, our planet’s cycles of change, and the role these play in our lives—then we’ll understand what we’re really up against, what our options are, and what choices are available.

The Hope 
In recent years, an explosion of new discoveries throughout the sciences has left little doubt that many long-standing views about life, our world, and our bodies have to change. The reason is simple: The ideas are wrong. In light of the new evidence regarding near–ice age civilizations, the false assumptions of human evolution, the origin and role of war in our past, and the undue emphasis on competition in our lives today, we must rethink the most basic scientific beliefs that lie at the core of the decisions we make and the way we live. This is where the new deep truths of science come in.

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