Monday, September 30, 2013

Judging and Logging

 Judging and Logging

All of these parables
Contain data concealed
And data revealed..
Most confounding
Is the revealed
Without the comfort
Of knowing that
Below in deep water
Lies a fuller truth...

Matthew, Chapter 7

1.  Do not judge..
2.  Specks and logs..
3.  Pearls before swine..
4.  Search and you will find..
5.  Do to others as you would..
6.  Enter the narrow gate..
7.  Good trees and bad trees..
8.  Not everyone will enter..
9.  House founded on a rock..

Matthew, Chapter 8

1.  Cleansing and Moses..
2.  Centurion--authority and faith..
3. "He took our infirmities.."
4.  Foxes have holes..
5.  Let the dead bury the dead..
6.  Rebuking the wind..
7.  Demons and herd of swine..

Matthew, Chapter 9

1.  Which is easier, forgive or walk..
2.  Authority to human beings..
3.  Matthew got up and followed..
4.  Call sinners not righteous..
5.  Bridegroom and fasting..
6.  Unshrunk cloth and wineskins..
7.  Only touch his cloak..
8.  Girl not dead but sleeping..
9.  By demons he casts out demons..
10.  Harvest is plentiful but laborers few..

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