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Laurel Botsford conversation..

Hello Charles,

I apologize for the great delay in responding to you!!  I am in the middle of preparing a presentation for the upcoming Science and Non-Duality Conference [SAND] to be held in San Jose, CA in October and I have been accepted for a ‘poster presentation’.  A whole new experience to prepare a 4’ x 8’ wall with the information one would normally just speak about, as you can imagine.  Google the organization = I’m sure you will like them!  And this year the big names they have participating in the conference are science Dr John Hagelin [whom I quote in my books and my presentations] and spiritual Deepak Chopra.  I’m very excited about being involved with it too.  If you come… you must introduce yourself!

What I like is that we never stop learning and I thank you for this new direction!  I had to look and find out what a Torus shape was/is.  Fascinating, especially all the different torus’ and how they ‘move’.

So your question:  Is the Torus shape what unifies the collapse/bang cycles?  I would say it is a good example of what a manifestation of the continuously convoluting cycles can be.  A torus does however always maintain ‘shape’ as its identifying definition. 

My understanding is that the continuously waving potential of form referred to as Pure Consciousness, ie. something not yet manifest, is the very basis from which all else comes and the eventual basis to which all returns.  

The Big Collapse, brought on by these waves of potential interacting and condensing, leads this ‘potential’ into form and the Big Bang and its associated stresses send form back into the potential as it breaches the speed of light and disintegrates [scientific language-Sci] or transforms [spiritual language-Spi] into an ‘altered energy state’, something we cannot identify as more than a potential, thereby having nothing to identify.

In this way each Big Bang End carries with it the consciousness that has opened within us during our evolvement through this cycle of consciousness, and the next Big Collapse Beginning brings with it the new conditions of this new manifestation, of this new Universe; what I call the rules and regulations, or sacred geometry of this new realm.  And I have been told there is a progressive notion into ever higher levels of consciousness for the very simple fact that once the consciousness is awakened to a higher state there can be no regression back to a lower state.

The impression I get from the torus shape and its associated movements is that of a closed, formed system with a limited range of information that rolls continuously over itself without encouraging newness and change, other than its repetitive roll.  Fascinating and fun to watch to be sure!  But for me ‘potential’ is vastly bigger than anything confining.

This mechanism of the Big Collapse/Big Bang cycle is, in fact, one of the most important aspects of my up-comimg presentation at SAND USA 2013!  I will soon be uploading my eBook covering this information.  I’ll let you know when!  Good luck with your presentation too.  And thanks for your support, encouragement and input.

May I post your question on my website, with or without your given name?

Enjoy this spinning ride as time continues to accelerate!
With Unbounded Love and the Light of Consciousness, and their Wisdom applied in our Human Realm,

Hi Laurel,

In my imagining, the torus is inter dimensional, so that in its movement around the sides, and upward through an inside central column, higher dimensions (non-local) are reached which leave form behind, awaiting the collapse when the downward outside path again re-enters the realm of form.  My torus is open at the top, equating to E=mc2, and is gathering for the collapse to come. The potential of the torus form seems infinite. It also seems a beautiful and ever-moving process, pertaining to all reality in our dimension and those higher.

Take care,


Fantastic Charles,

… and a great example of how opinions are so easily and erroneously formed when one skims the top of a new subject!  My knowledge of the Kabbalah is also near zero so your explanation of this higher dimensional interpretation of the torus is perfect and gives it Life.  In the way you explain it, with an open, infinite top and the ‘gathering for the collapse’, instead of my assumed waving yet closed system, makes it an excellent image of the cycles we have both understood.  I cannot claim ‘collapse’ as mine though, for it is the quantum term to which I have only added the ‘Big’! 

In my Sci-Spi connections and applying your explanation I immediately jump to equating the torus with the black hole, pulling everything inescapably into it due to its intense gravitational field, and on into what?, science does not know, but I have been told in channeling that a black hole is one of the portals currently open to the Consciousness That Is.  You would have read that in my book [and by the way – thank you so much for purchasing it!].  A major difference is that the fluid movement of the torus is so beautifully calming, whereas the intensity of the black hole invokes discomfort, unless of course, you happen to enjoy the thrill of its promised speeds ;-).  Perhaps the torus equates more to the inevitable constancy of the Cycles of Consciousness and the black hole more specifically to the Cycle of the Human Realm.

An open top torus/black hole/E-mc2 leading us back to the Pure, the waving pure potential of this Higher Dimension/Energy/Enlightenment from which everything collapses/rolls beautifully over and continues condensing into Being/Form, in the ever waving tides of change, the evolution of our consciousness, flowing through the cycle as we develop through our inner being/inside central column to finally rise again leading us back to the Pure.

Thank you so much for this beautiful image, Charles. 

Beautifully written ~

Enjoy this spinning ride as time continues to accelerate!

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