Monday, May 31, 2021

What is this..?

What is this..? the story of a journey, lengthy usually, to discover that all 
recollected twists and turns and recalculations are appearing at once, a
spontaneous this.  This appearance pauses the search which was
fueled by miles and miles of desire and driving..(all included as this). 
There were reports of astronomical entanglements and big bangs 
touted as escapes from linear unease.  There were many words 
of elevated spiritual knowers, which seemed to soften those twists 
and turns. And snippet sayings on social media which tasted as spoonfuls 
of delight.. (all included again).  But after all of this, a story of separation 
remained leaving a gray pallor, a resignation and hardening of the now 
wary traveler.. (all inclusive).  Meanwhile, other travelers are 
nonplussed by all this seeming nonsensical fuss..(not left out).    
Please pass along a bit more, if you make this more complete..
(yes..that too, already..)...

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