Monday, May 17, 2021

The story of you..Miranda Warren

 'The story of you' - reflections from Miranda Warren~ ❤ 

"For all the millions of words that have been spoken about this subject [nonduality - "everything and no thing"], from ancient texts and revered holy men to instant YouTube gurus and Facebook sages, not a single idea that anyone has ever shared about this offers any more explanation than you will get by asking the wind why it is blowing or asking a newborn baby why it was born. All your life, you have been taught a story that creates a “you,” a story of identity as an autonomous person in a world of separate beings and things. If you had not been taught this story, reinforced by everyone you have ever met and your entire environment, there would be no idea of “you” at all, no one who knows what they are, a certain type pf person with a history and a story. Your story is as much yours as if you randomly went into a film production studio and accepted the next part that was available, and that became who you are. You are no more than that. And neither is any one else who appears in this dream of life.

If it happens that the nature of your imagined identity is no longer taken for being solid and real and true, you may believe that some appearances must have an answer to the questions that arise. But they do not. Their words are merely pointers suggesting that what we think we are and know is not what it seems. But all the pointing to alleged truth is simply pointing in an endless hall of funhouse mirrors. As Prisha says, “all of these stories and thoughts and ideas and concepts are only additional appearances.” The so-called greatest wisdom and deepest revelations about what is, even the very concept of ‘what is’ and all the cherished idols of nonduality, everything and no-thing, this being it, love---unconditional or not---are simply more stories in the book of fairy tales. We may love the nonduality story, but like all other tales in the unwritten book of life, it’s just another fable."

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