Monday, May 17, 2021

Amazon review of Nancy Neithercut, The Dream of Enlightenment...




there is deep peace subsuming the dance...

an unassailable silence evading the song...

a hush of unknowing among all

this assumed knowing..."

This is the gift of peace which Nancy Neithercut offers.  She comes to us from

what she refers to as a shift in perspective.  Her "shift" allows an explosion of

expressions as "no-one," in no place, and no time.  Nancy's  poetry simply

writes itself..and carries the reader into realms of unimaginable

beauty.  She resists any definition or prescription from her writing which is

restrictive to a free flow of love, and availabile to all.  Those who are versed in

modern notions of non-duality will find a resonance, but anyone residing in

a place of openness will realize they are in the presence of a spontaneous  

flow of words which soar and astound, and present many surprising and

repeated joys.

"hope and fear simply memories of a

desert dream where you wandered as

thirst itself, looking for the source of the

waters you were but could never drink...

"Self is the assumption of separation, the

illusion of solidity...that there are separate

things and events.  It is natural for you to

assume that if there is this, there is that...

but there is no this nor that

nor both nor neither

there is no nothing nor is there not is all of a piece, of itself so...

spontaneously self arising and self erasing..."

Do you sense what I am saying?  Even five stars is a meaningless rating

for this treasury..!!

"Nancy's poems are vital reading for anyone exploring or experiencing what we call a nondual perspective but will touch the heart of everyone who loves poetry. Nancy's poetry breaks free of the boundaries of thought and language, revealing our shared dream of life with eyes open wide in wonder, streaming tears of joy and unutterable beauty. 

This latest collection of poems breaks our hearts open to life, evoking subtle reflections and life-shattering perceptions with original and masterful literary artistry, alive with deftly crafted lines that will take your breath away as they work their way deep into your heart. “ The Dream Of Enlightenment And The Wonder Of It All “ is a dance of language, a language of the dream we walk through; a vision of the world beheld by eyes ablaze with fire. 

Nancy sings a song that echoes all that is reflected before us, all that is known and so much that is unknowable and cannot be spoken of in any other way. Poetry is a way of saying what words can otherwise not even hint at, and Nancy’s flowing verse is a river that runs through the essence of our human experience, opening the floodgates of unnamed emotions we can only call love; a sense of ineffable wonder and awe at life’s mysterious dance that is rarely glimpsed, and far less frequently rendered into words."

Miranda Warren

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