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John...A Non-Dual Version

The Gospel of John...
A Non-Dual Version

Chapter 1...Word Recognition

The Word
Was the beginning
The emanation..
Bringing seeming separation
A creation of others.. 

Light does not begin or end
Is Eternal and Infinite.. 
Yet otherness seems 
To obscure the Light..
That is..until  Grace is
Recognition is new birth 
In which the Light of  Grace
Is found to be 
Shining everywhere..
Even in Nazareth..

Voices call in the wilderness..  
Witnessing Light
Here and everywhere..  
Yet..a wilderness of separation
Seems to retain its grasp..

We regard the fig tree 
Independent and alone 
Until Recognition finds it within
And made of our Light..

Chapter 2...Table Turning

A turning of the tables

Brought new understanding
Of the real Temple of  the body..
Which aspires to go home 
To re-discover its true nature 
Made of Grace..

This is the reversal which will
Bring Self Recognition and
Accompanying Peace to each of us
And to our world..

Recognition is the real miracle   
Conveyed by the familiar story of 
Water into wine...

Chapter 3...Night Recognition

Nicodemus arrives in the night

Bringing his understanding which
Seems to be veiled
Concerning the real Identity 
Of each and every one of us..

A new birth of our true Identity
Is available in all times..especially
In our time of unending confusion..

Baptizing with water and Spirit 
Cleanses darkened lenses allowing
Recognition of who we really Are..

Teacher and Baptizer are names of
Those who are awakening 
And freeing those who have not yet
Found themselves already Free... 

Chapter 4...The Wellspring

They met by a historical well

He from a tradition's inside
The woman from outside..

He knows their common Spring
And she now discovers 
Living Waters in herself 
Welling to eternal life..

The inner Wellspring 
Can be experienced by all
Without regard to life stories..
Or to claims of traditions
Which seemingly conceal
This  joyful Welling..

Our inner Wellspring awaits 

To each our own inquiry..
The energy of the Wellspring
Feeds both sowers and reapers
In the world.. bringing healing
And Gladness together...

Chapter 5...Pick up your Mat

Pick up your Mat

Your true Grounding
And walk as I Am..

Dispatching this advice
The teacher slipped away..
One decreased and the other
Increased..a repeated lesson..
What was the teaching
So effectively applied..?

The teaching addresses the
Identity of each of us as
Eternally made..
Recognition is healing
Assuming we want to get well..!

Clarity is served for us: 
Recognize our true Grounding:
I Am..


There are obstacles 
In presenting this teaching
For those who ignore
The Mat on which 
They stand...

Chapter 6...Abundance

Abundance is the name

Of that in each of us
Known as Grace and Peace..
Abundance knows no limits
Is the essence of all quantities
Whether fish or bread or 
Time and space..

Some find this new Identity

Named simply as Abundance walking
On water or empty space..

I ourselves..and others..
Recognizing Abundance 
Eternal and available 
To all of us..Here and Now...

Chapter 7...Careful Teaching

The teacher knows

His teaching is vital..
Vital so that others might
Understand who they Are..

But fear arises
For those not ready to receive..
A teacher's time has not arrived
For them just yet..

Misunderstanding arises

In  those assuming separation..
Not understanding that the teacher's
Real Self was teaching and 
Not the separate self as 
Assumed by many..

The teacher knows that 

His life may soon end..
By the questions they asked 
He knows of their struggle to
Recognize that to which he 
Pointed..waiting until
Their time arrives...

Chapter 8...Caught in adultery 

The teacher knows his Identity

And the Identity of  all characters
As they play their parts..
But the characters do not know
Their own Identity..

A woman was about to be stoned
When the teacher demonstrated
The pain of  belief in separation 
The cause of our common suffering..

By our Self discovery: 
We discover the Light 
The Image we are  
Our eternal Identity even before
Ancient Abraham..

The teacher spoke with authority 
Which We might we Recognize...

Chapter 9...Blindness

Blindness results from

Our belief in separation..
Belief that many things
Inform our everyday..

We attempt to understand 
With lenses of separation..
Thus.. the confusion..the fear..

Special confusion arises 

With the belief that one teacher 
And not  
Properly certified..
Recognition is the qualification 
For all teachers..including the 
Blind man and
You and me...!

Chapter 10...The Gate..I am

The teacher announced that
"I Am"  is the Gate  
Our Recognition of salvation..
The Gate is the Openness in
Each of us which precedes all
Of our thoughts and perceptions..

The Gate is familiar to those
Who have experienced it and is
Quickly distinguished from 
Other gates suggested by
Strangers and hired hands..

I and the Father are One
A statement misunderstood
Over centuries..
The statement  portrays
Our real Identity so simply..

Are we mere men and women..?
Or does the teaching illustrate
Our real Identity as Boundless...?

Finally..we lay down our lives

That is..we become Aware of
The falsity of separation..
We Recognize that we
Are not whom we thought..!

Chapter 11...Resurrection of Life

Death is not the end
When we do not stumble 
Walking in the darkness 
Of separation..

The experience I Am
Ends illusory separation as
Our true Self awakens..
Such is proclaimed as the
Resurrection of life..

Yet we did the Teacher
Experiencing the hold of belief
On appearances of life ending
As with Lazarus and those we love..

We all await the joyful Recognition
In the brevity of a moment
Of Life with no beginning and 
No end..

Chapter 12...The Poor

Self Recognition
Transcends considerations
Of rich or poor..

His teaching simply says
Attachment to life in this world
Must a kernel of wheat dies..
Allowing Recognition of our 
Eternal Identity..

He pointed to our own Light
And then hid himself  to allow
Our own Light to shine..
In other words..the same I Am
Shines in each of us..
Our common True Nature..
Poor no more...!

Chapter 13...Hours

We live by hours and
The ending hour 
Comes for each of us..
The purpose of our hours
Is to Recognize that we
And others and everything
Are made of the Love that
Hours cannot measure..

Humility and feet washing
Are examples by which
We might recognize that
All are clean..even those who
Remain attached to the dream..
The wind blows as it does..

The telling of our stories 
Must bring Recognition:
Stories are the dance of
I Am...!

Chapter 14...Being where I Am

I Am
Is our common Place..
That Place is experienced
Any time we Recognize that
I way and the truth
And the life..

We are puzzled by the
Conditioning of our lives which
Insists on masks of separation..

Knowing I Am..we also know
Greater and greater
Works are possible..

Awareness of I Am in each
Constitutes an ever-present 


Chapter 15...Remember the Vine

The Vine
Emerges fresh from its Source.. Vines.. are always clean
Reflecting our Source..
Yet we forget we are Vines..

I true Vine 
Forgetting..we seem as branches..
Beliefs in separate branches
Must be burned in the fire
Of  Vine Recognition..!

Recognition of ourselves
As Love without dimension
Brings Joy and Friendship as
Friends abide in Love..

Others may prefer
That we share assumptions
Of separation and conflict.. 
As Grace passes unrecognized...

Chapter 16...The teacher departs

The teacher reminds us
Religions may reject us
As they do not yet Know..

And another reminder:
A teacher must depart 
To allow strengthening
Of our own Knowing.. I Am..

Then we can discover 
Real meanings of sin and
Righteousness and judgment..
We forget for a while 
And then Remember..

Remembering transforms
Grief to Joy..finding Peace
As the world finds trouble...

Chapter 17...Knowing Unity

Knowing the Eternal as
Our Home and our purpose..
Our only Purpose..
I Identity before 
The world began..

There is certainty in Knowing
Ourselves as this teacher taught..
A Oneness to be Recognized
Which is the only true Safety..
Destruction is marked for the 
World's beliefs of separation..

None of us are of the world
Yet we can live this dream 
Recognizing what we truly Are...

The teacher taught universal 
Unity and Oneness..which is the
Glory of I Am..belonging to
Each and All... 

Chapter 18...The Traitor

The traitor is within
And needs to be recognized
As our belief in a separate self..
The belief brings lapses in
Recognizing our Self and
Judging of those 
Who seem to be a threat to
Our separate existence..

As darkness falls we are prone
To denying the Oneness we are
With the exclamation: I Am not..
I am not..I am not..

Testifying to Truth is
Our task in this world..
Many there are who are
Fearful of  Truth..which seems
To encroach on our 
Illusory and limited freedom.. 
We find workarounds by asking
Others to determine easier paths..
Fruits of fear...

Chapter 19...Fruits of Fear

The separation belief
Takes its toll
In religion and in politics..
Cause and effect assert
Bringing fear in their wake..

The problem of separation 
Crucifixion seems to do
With transference of blame
And strictures of law..

I Am..thirsty..
Fulfillment is Now..
The illusion of brokenness
And of piercing..dissolves..

Finally..we find that this
Storied event took place
In the Garden of scripture..
Remembering a teaching
Of that Garden..

Chapter 20...Approaching

With wonder we are ready
To approach..and are shocked
By the Truth of Emptiness..

We may weep with joy as 
Recognition takes place..
A dawning Peace brings
An end to false separation..

Yet this time is apparently
Not for all..As doubters we
Insist on proof  in our world
Of assumed separation..

Any book is limited in its 
Capacity to relate Truth...

Chapter 21...Breakfast

The ending chapter arrives
With one more reminder of 
Abundance which is never absent 
And is our Identity..

A final fish story..rooted in
Our Oneness which we Recognize
In all activities..such as breakfast..

Love embraces all which we
Recognize with self inquiry:
Who am I..?

Love is then expressed by 
Feeding those sheep still seeking
Joy and Presence..

Repeating:  Books can never 
Fully express the Beauty and
Truth of who we Are...

Gospel of John

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