Friday, October 25, 2019

Living in sin..

Living in sin..

Words of transformation and
Words of activism are subject
To the lens viewing these words
And all words..
The lens used by a vast majority
Is the lens of "separation" 
(Sin is the Christian term)
So..most of us are living in sin..!

Leading to the inquiry:
Is a new lens available in which
The old lens melts in the fires
Of Truth now told...?

Peter Sawtell...Too Much Attention to Climate?


If we spend a bit less time and energy on climate, though, and give some attention to species extinction, and toxic chemicals, and water problems, then we might start to understand that our whole society needs to change course. Such a transformational change opens up ways to more effectively address the climate crisis, and the extinction crisis, and the plastic-in-the-ocean crisis, and the whole web of inter-connected problems.

Dear Peter,

You asked for responses, so here is mine.  Perhaps we need to step back

 from both "transformation" and "activism," to become aware of the 
"lens" through which we are viewing these concepts.  That lens, used 
by our culture, is based on an unquestioned assumption of "separation."  
Even when we positively assent to what needs to be done, whether climate 
change or plastics, the dualistic lens remains intact.  So, I would say
that there is a basic reversal needed which allows recognition of our true Identity not limited to the physical body and mind, which 
we blindly assume.  Such recognition will transform your question of 
the relative importance of transformation and activism, and other 
questions prompted by our lens of separation (sin in Christian lexicon).  
I would say that all of Jesus' teachings point to the urgent nature of 
discovering who we are..really.. Yet, somehow we continue to live in sin!  :) 
OK..I am sure you get my drift.. (Keep up your vital work!) 


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