Thursday, July 19, 2018



There are dark notes
from our skyways
with expressed alarms
over democracy threatened..
Our laws and modalities
descended from that declaration
of the reality of equality
now centuries old..
That reality is permanently 
our identity..each of us..
in all our conversations
and news conferences
which come and go..
Our experiment points to
a recognition by all
and will be repeated
'tho ours in our peril
trudges and reels
fearing darker days...

End of the great experiment
The world just became an exponentially more dangerous place and with America’s Democracy at even greater peril. President Trump’s cozy meeting with Russia’s Vladimir Putin is bad enough. Worse still is Trump’s choice to elevate Putin’s word and nefarious agenda over and above America’s integrity, security, and national best interest, not to mention the best interests of our European allies and the rest of the world. In some circles they call this treason, and not lightly.

Vladimir Putin is a former KGB assassin and butcher. His current demonic will to power and geopolitical aggression are just getting started, and by falling under Putin’s spell, Trump is feeding both. The comparison of Britain’s Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain being duped after his meeting with Adolf Hitler at Munich in 1938 is numbingly accurate. Trusting Putin’s word that his regime had nothing to do with attempting to undermine the 2016 elections, as against the cumulative conclusions of America’s elite intelligence community, is simply suicide for our democracy.

What is happening on this international stage is stunning in its magnitude, paving the way for the potential fall of America.

We are headed down that slippery slope to the end of the great American Experiment, as well as the demise of all those who’ve given it allegiance and hope.

Robin Izer
Colorado Springs


  1. Robin is on target. Trump is our national nightmare. People wake up from nightmares. Surely our nation will wake up, too.