Sunday, February 4, 2018



this biblical happening
may seem extraordinary..
a spectacular story
which we hear once again..

yet we only experience 
here and now..
time and happenings 
are thoughts and images 
within here and now.. 

this gospel writer
attempted to acquaint us
with here and now
using words of immediacy..but
language limits his and our 
expression of truth..

so we consult our experience:
we are on that meeting with our
life teachers on either side
here and now..
our own wholeness shines
our white clothing dazzles..
we most ordinary 
the true self of you and you 
and you and I..

This last phase of the spiritual path is an endless process that is described variously in the spiritual traditions as the establishment process, the Great Rebirth, the transfiguration, transformation etc. It is a process in which the body and the world are progressively permeated by and saturated with the open, empty transparency of our true nature. It is the 'outshining' of the mind, body and world by the light of pure Knowing.  --Rupert Spira

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