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Appearances are of 3 dimensions
but what of an origin in fewer
finally reaching 0 dimensions..
in one guise is the
belief in the reality
of multiple dimensions..
in a new guise is the
realization of appearances..
Appearances shining in
the experience of Original truth...

Experience Shines ☼ with the Reality of Our Being 
Excerpt – Rupert Spira
~ ~ ~

These are the two meanings of the word ‘Maya’ in the Vedantic tradition. ‘Maya’ is usually translated as ‘illusion’. This is the first meaning; the power of objective experience to veil or obscure our essential Self from ItSelf.
But the word ‘Maya’ also has another meaning (less often explained in the traditional literature) and that is the revealing power of Maya, the creativity of Maya, where objective experience is no longer seen to obscure our Being but shines with it, celebrates it, announces it.
To begin with, the movie seems to veil the screen. Later, it is seen to shine with the screen. And in between these two points of view, it may be necessary to turn the movie off in order to see clearly the screen. We are always seeing the screen. This is, by the way, a conventional screen; we are sitting on the sofa. We are always seeing the screen, but we are not seeing it clearly. It is colored by the movie and therefore, we think it is a landscape. So, if we do not see the screen clearly, if we think the two-dimensional screen is a three-dimensional landscape, we may have to turn off the movie. This turning off the movie is the turning away from objective experience. It is the Vedantic path; the inward facing path. It doesn’t really require the turning off of experience, but rather the turning away from experience in order to see clearly what I Am.
But then we turn the movie back on again. And having seen clearly the nature of the screen, the obscuring power of the movie has been removed. The movie no longer veils the screen; it shines with it. It celebrates it.
So, once we have turned away from experience in order to know clearly who I Am…, even in the midst of experience, everyone is experiencing themselves…, most people do not experience themselves clearly and therefore, this turning off of the movie, this turning away from experience is necessary, in almost all cases, in order to see clearly what I Am.
~ ~ ~

Excerpt from “Meditation: 'I' Is the Source of Our Longing”

Times 37:50 to 50:28

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