Friday, February 2, 2018

Mark's Gospel

Mark's Gospel

Observing this Gospel
recognizing the limits
of the mind
but also the possibilities
when an identity 
I Am
is also recognized..
Let's see what happens..!


The earthy John
is our sourcing voice
who speaks of water now
but soon the Holy Spirit
the Spirit I Am
as medium of baptism..
the newcomer
 was cast into wilderness
by the same Spirit
which the dove signified..
Then four fishermen
joined the teacher
glimpsing I Am
as John had glimpsed:
the preparation for
fishers of men..
The father Zebedee
didn't protest
perhaps he had
long known I Am..
What followed
was departure.. 
To where?  Capernium
for astonishing teaching
with authority of Truth
which commanded:  
Be Quiet..!
Impure spirits
were cleansed by
their confrontation with
Truth on display..
Then a series of healings
of fever and demons
with new recognitions..
Everyone was searching
but most not aware
that they already were 
the Truth I Am..
The teacher needed 
respite to pray
to fortify the clarity
of the Truth he bore..
Then a leper
cleansed with joy 
ignored teacher's caution
and spread the news..
And they came from
everywhere seeking
relief from their longing:
only to be found in
the Truth I Am..

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