Sunday, January 28, 2018

Is science infinite?


rambles to find consciousness
and never seems to come to grips
with the centuries-old Truth:
science in all its expressions
is thought..and thought is limited
and temporary,,and made all the while
of consciousness..
science thought has assumed separation
observer and observed..until quantum thought
suggests a revolution..
science seems intent on circling and circling
the Truth..avoiding it's own dying in
Truth's quantum fire...
most scientists seem to be circling
in our day..not realizing the goal of 
their searching lies experientially
very close...

David Deutsch“I think nothing worth understanding will always remain a mystery. And consciousness (qualia, creativity, free will etc.) seems eminently worth understanding.”

Martin Rees: Science “will hit the buffers at some point,” .."There are two reasons why this might happen. The optimistic one is that we clean up and codify certain areas (such as atomic physics) to the point that there’s no more to say. A second, more worrying possibility is that we’ll reach the limits of what our brains can grasp..."

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