Saturday, January 6, 2018

Consciousness and Materialism

Consciousness and Materialism

Below is a summary of a blog entry by a friend (Thanks, Tom!)
which addresses the relationship between consciousness and materialism.  
in juxtaposition I have included a link to another scientist, Bernardo Kastrup 
(has many videos on YouTube) who has been outspoken on this topic.  
In my monthly STRETCH discussions on consciousness/non-duality, a primary 
reference is Rupert Spira's new book, The Nature of Consciousness.  
Bernardo contributed an Afterword to the book in which he talks about the 
seemingly miraculous correspondence between scientific formulation and 
conventional reality.  From a materialist-first point of view, this correspondence 
seems to be a miracle, but much less so from a consciousness-first point of
view...   (Good Poor Richards material, Tom and Charlie P!)

In summary:
The idea presented above is that there is a timeless, necessarily existing, 
realm of abstract mathematical and logical relationships, and these are 
selected (by a God, Deity, or panel of Gods or “Overlords”) to be 
mathematically consistent to form a world. Well, there could be a great 
many ways (again, maybe an infinite number) that these relations could 
be extracted out, while remaining fully mathematically consistent, to 
form a great number of mathematically consistent worlds.
Sentient beings 
are selected in some manner to occupy life within these worlds, and 
are carefully isolated from each other, although they all bathe in, and 
couple to, the consciousness field created to fill the universe.  
(For Tom's entire blog entry see: )

Bernardo Kastrup:  Top 10 Materialist Fallacies

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