Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Casting and Mending

Casting and Mending

stretches and searches
for what..?
For new possibilities
 netfuls of happiness..
For abundance
in forms distinct and subtle..
Netting results most often
in temporary respites
calling for mending and new
Then on this day
a permanent mending
is glimpsed..
A mending for clarity
of our Self before

What about Zebedee..?

He remained..

No complaints..for
he must have known
of permanent mending..
He knew that his sons
were now going
to the place 
the placeless place
his already home..
The home where
casting and mending
merged as one...

The Sea

had always been there
a habitual presence
bringing mending..
But they remained 
with small identities
enclosed by their work
of casting and mending..
The new teacher passing by
immediately accosted them:
Did you know
you are as the sea..as I am
I am..as You are..?
Yes..we must depart

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