Thursday, December 21, 2017

The Hidden Pearl


Religions seem to do this:
hide the pearl which is their source..
Buried sometimes quite deeply
is the most precious pearl..
The pearl is covered by opaqueness 
by decorative metaphor
by stories of ancient ponderings..
What is needed..first of all..
is to know the pearl for which
we are looking..
Take a path directly to the pearl
and avoid the circuitous routes
 offered by scriptural densities..
What can we say of the pearl..?
Seeming as no-thing
It is full of potential
Infinite as Here
Eternal as Now..
Finally..we return to those
stories and coverings and
see the Pearl shining
in simple words
scattered here and now...

Here..for example:
Note below how the 
Now and Joy
shine as the Pearl
we seek...!

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