Friday, December 8, 2017

Bouncing Cosmology

Bouncing Cosmology

Not a Bang..but a Cycle
contraction and expansion
like the ocean and a wave:
the wave contracts within the ocean
then expands and becomes once more
the ocean..which it always has been..

Considering the bounce more subjectively.
I am the are You..
I contract and perceive the universe
I expand and the perception lightens
disappearing into light..until contraction
brings back the universe in all its glory..!

The concept (bouncing cosmology) first appeared at least 40 years ago, and it agrees that the universe is expanding, but does not assume that the universe came into being when that expansion started and the universe was infinitely small. Instead, it proposes that the universe is eternally undergoing a cycle of contraction and expansion. These alternating phases smoothly follow each other like the phases of the tide.
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