Saturday, November 11, 2017

What is Reality?

The Test of Reality 
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If something is real, it has to satisfy three qualities:
First of all, it can not disappear. If something disappears, it has to disappear into something. When we put a cube of ice in a glass of water. The ice disappears into water. So, the reality of ice is water. That's the first test.
The second test of reality, is that it can not change. So, the water is not real too because its made out of H2O. When the water is heated, it becomes the vapors. So, H2O is the same in the ice and in the water. But the names and its labels change. That's the second test.
The third test of reality that it can not be known by something, other than itself. If it is known by other than itself, then its reality is relative or dependent upon its knower. So, it can not be absolute reality.
So, these are the three qualities of the reality of our experience. What is it in our experience that satisfies all these three tests is awareness. All else is illusory, disappearing, changing and known by the awareness of it.
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From the Rupert Spira audio 
entitled "The Test of Reality"

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