Tuesday, November 7, 2017



He dug into his life experience
finding a Holy and broken Hallelujah..
For Leonard..Grace abounds
there is no acceptance or rejection
but a recognition:
Grace encompasses all
and composes all
Holy or broken..
Grace is the Masterpiece
we can all find

        One year ago today Leonard Cohen passed into the Afterlife.  He wrote and sang Hallelujah, a favorite for many.  The first two links below take you to Hallelujah.  The third link offers info on Leonard's life and other songs he wrote.  The fourth link is one explanation of the lyrics.  Leonard's life journey was rather complete...... he was an artist, poet, song writer, author, philosopher, Buddhist, friend to the down trodden and lastly, a golden hearted philanderer.  What a life!!  Enjoy!!
CP  (Thanks for this, CP...CC)

https://youtu.be/YrLk4vdY28Q  (Notice the huge number of views)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRsnjNt_Rhw  (version with lyrics)

https://youtu.be/suXXd9j529M  (lyrics explained)

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