Sunday, October 22, 2017


There are numerous substances which 
apparently lead to very wonderful experiences..
The question arises..however..on how these 
experiences compare with an experience
of a dream..or a joyful experience in the 
wakened state..what they have in common
is their temporary nature..and the discovery
that all states take place in consciousness..
and are actually made of
if we are searching for permanent peace
or happiness..we must become acquainted 
with the consciousness within which all the 
activities of mind take place..
The breakthrough realization is that a substance 
is unnecessary for a discovery of consciousness.. 
of our true nature..the presence of consciousness 
is formulated in various ways..but
perhaps most simply as the experience: I am.. 
which is available to all of us..24/7...CC

CC - Here is a very interesting presentation about the positive effects of ayahuasca.  Maybe this is a good feature for your blog, as love is one of the main enhancements of this drug.  This presentation is rather extensive and provides a history of mind altering drugs and their present use.

CP:  Below is another source...

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