Saturday, October 28, 2017



'Tis the time of the year
when death comes to visit
in a friendly way..
In this season we are offered
the experience of death
hidden in laughter of children
dressed in their frightening best
vocalizing: Trick or Treat..!

Perhaps it is a form of an NDE
Near Death Experience
in a community sense..
A tricking of death
exposed in light and laughter..
Experiencing death before we die..
Giving our temporary attention..

But then reflecting:
What else is temporary
and what is permanent..?
Thoughts and perceptions
of course
just come and go..
These mind things rise
and very soon die..
And what remains..?
Life itself remains..and
when we lastly depart..with
our thoughts and perceptions..
We as Life 
again simply remain...?

also see:  Gangaji, Facing Death

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