Saturday, June 17, 2017



to the objects of life
the knowing lamplight
illuminating the landscape
and an aching toe..
Seemingly a stretching
mind to object..or
mind forming object..or
mind/object formed
A new object then
sinking into: I am...

Attention – ad tendere
Posted on April 6, 2014 by ramesam
The word “Attention” is derived from two Latin words, ad tendere, meaning “to stretch towards.”

Rupert Spira explains very clearly how attention turning towards itself is the ending of the mind.

1.  Attention Falling Back to its Source (From Rupert at Parmoor in Dec 2013) – 8:35 min:

2.  Attention and Awareness (From Rupert at Santa Sabina in Oct 2013) – 8:38 min:

3.  The Sinking of Attention into Itself (From Rupert at Santa Sabina in Feb 2014) – 13:07 min:

4.  Attention is Awareness Plus an Object (From Rupert at Mercy Center, CA in Apr 2013) – 14:53 min:

The message in these Videos is beautifully crystal clear and truly meditational, I submit.

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