Monday, February 20, 2017

Consciousness and Brain Activity

Friends - This is an excellent, very interesting 25-minute presentation
by a seemingly very credible scientist discussing consciousness, brain
activity, various psi phenomena, materialism, NDE's etc.  Should be worth
your time.  (Received this email from my friend, CharlieP)

Hi CharlieP and All..

Interesting talk and comments by Tom and CharlieP.  My thought is that it is always
good to consider perspective.  The scientist's perspective, including this speaker,
is that the materialist fundamentals, which is their background, are the base for 
their investigation.  The various discoveries they make...NDE's, psi phenomena ..
seem to point to an aspect of consciousness.  An alternate perspective would be to
use a "consciousness first" model, based on experience, and then perform 
experiments based upon this understanding. Perhaps the inclusion of "observership"
in quantum physics is an example.  



The video linked below seems pertinent...

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