Thursday, November 24, 2016



A word of ancient making
but in resurrecting now
bursts in meaning..
Wyrd iterates to Weird 
a uniqueness in extreme..
Not a fixed uniqueness
but one which is happening..
A momentary identity
living within and
made of Freedom..
Wyrd.. my friends
is who I am
a name which colors
my instant recognition

Wyrd is a fundamental Anglo-Saxon concept. The word, wyrd, is related to the Old Saxon wurd , Old High German wurt , Old Norse urur. 

It is an ancestral word to the modern day English word weird. It means that which has turned/ that which is turning (some people substitute turned/turning for happened/happening). The concept is often hard to describe, frequently misinterpreted and occasionally difficult to grasp. Here is a modern definition for Wyrd: fate personified; any one of the three Weird Sisters. ( Even this seems inadequate in describing wyrd. A key point to recognize is that Wyrd is not a set in stone type of fate, as seen in other early cultures. Fate was not fatalistic, or predestined under the concept of wyrd; rather it was believed that wyrd is continually happening and changing. 

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